Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Detox Guide: How to Tell if Your Body Needs a Natural Detox

I came across this article on Realfarmacy.com and it really resonates well with what we are promoting here at FitLife.TV. The detoxification process is not a one time event, but a lifestyle that one must adopt order to live a healthy, vibrant life. I also recommend checking out the Juice With Drew System as we dive into all facets of detoxification so you can get that sexy body you deserve!
Your body is naturally equipped with a self-cleaning process. But too much sugar, caffeine, processed foods, stress, and too little exercise can slow the body’s natural detox function to a slow pace. And then your body can’t clean itself when it is put up against the increasing number of harmful and toxic substances in the environment. Toxins come in many forms: pesticides in produce, formaldehyde in carpets and cosmetics, PCBs from plastic containers, dioxins from bleached paper products, and more.
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