Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eight Simple Ways Business can Save Energy - 22 Nov 2013 - Industry Voice: a blog from BusinessGreen.

Saving money should be as important as making profit for every business all over the world, but unfortunately it is something that is neglected all too often.
However, reducing the energy they use does not have to be difficult or expensive. Read on as the energy efficiency experts at SolarTech offer eight simple ways your company can save money.
Unplug all chargers
Most chargers, be they for phones or laptops, consume a small amount of energy even they not plugged into the device. They are just some of the various electricals that are known as 'vampire' appliances - named as such due to the energy they feed on when not in use.
A good way to tell if a device is using power is to feel it for warmth, while they will often be identifiable by a small light as well.

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