Sunday, April 21, 2013

Researchers Discover That Fuel Can Be Made From Sunlight

Scientists have developed a reactor that mimics plants by turning sunlight into fuel. This is another discovery that could be implemented on a mass scale simply by using the sun. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have built a reactor with a quartz window that absorbs sunlight and acts as a concentration device to direct sunlight to a desired location. In the center of the reactor is something called oxide, which allows oxygen to exhale from its crystalline structure at high temperatures, and inhale oxygen back at lower temperatures.
Specifically, the inhaled oxygen is stripped off of carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or water (H2O) gas molecules that are pumped into the reactor, producing carbon monoxide (CO) and/or hydrogen gas (H2). H2 can be used to fuel hydrogen fuel cells; CO, combined with H2, can be used to create synthetic gas, or “syngas,” which is the precursor to liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Adding other catalysts to the gas mixture, meanwhile, produces methane. And once the ceria is oxygenated to full capacity, it can be heated back up again, and the cycle can begin anew. (SOURCE)
Three years after the discovery of converting sunlight into fuel, we still have  yet to see any progress in the global energy industry with regards to new, clean energy technologies. It’s no secret that an abundant amount of alternative energy technologies are available for use that could help change and restore the planet into her most natural state. Living and consuming energy in a way that is more harmonious with the planet requires the implementation of these technologies and would not even equate to one person having to give up any “wants” or “likes” within their life. The only people that would see any loss, would be the multi-trillion dollar energy industry that thrives off oil and environmental degradation.  It also requires a shift in consciousness, a simple realization that we are the ones that choose the way we want to operate, and what we  use as a resource to do so.
It’s 2013, and enough evidence has presented itself to the masses that shows how the energy industry spends an enormous amount of resources to cover up, conceal and divert attention from new energy technologies. Most new energy alternatives we hear about usually come directly from the oil industry anyway. Think about it, if you want new ways of generating energy, why would you ask the oil industry to do it for you? Collective Evolution has covered new energy technologies in depth since it’s launch. You can view our article on the zero point energy cover-up HERE, vortex induced vibrations HERE, and the searl effect generator HERE. Hopefully these can provide you with a little more insight into energy and the industry that governs it

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